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Chicago's Water Supply: Lake Michigan

Getting Water with a Bucket

Emptying the Potty

The Growing City

The First City Well

Water Delivery

Dirty Animals

Dealing with Waste

The First Waterworks

Water Pipes

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Water Pipes

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Here's a picture of one of those wooden water mains.

Wooden pipes were put under the ground to carry water to people's homes. These pipes were made of cedar logs, about 10 feet long and a foot thick. A large hole was bored through the center of each log.

Before the water was turned on, two miles of bored-out logs were laid end to end under the ground.

This water system had several problems, however. First, it only served a small part of the city. Second, water flowed through the pipes with the help of gravity. The further away from the waterworks you got, the less water pressure you had. Third, fish would often get into the pipes and clog people's faucets. (How would you like to take a bath with a tubful of fish? Especially dead ones?)
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